Finally, a CMS for markdown content in Jamstacks

October 11, 2022

A problem I've encountered whe using Jamstacks is the difficulty of keeping content metadata consistent in markdow files.

Say I decide to rename a tag. I then have to figure out how to batch edit all the markdown files that use that tag.

Or even when tagging document, my text editor does not auto suggest a list of tags to use.

These are tasks that are easy to take for granted from a datbase driven CMS.

Now a flat-file CMS like Grav or Statamic does offer these features, and until now, thes frameworks were how I dealt with markdown files.

But then I started building websites using Jamstack frameworks like Nuxt and Astro.

How I would I manage the content?

Enter Obsidian. A markdown based knowledge base manager extensible by the use of plugins.

Obsidian with the Database plugin is all you need to mamage the markdown content in Jamstack websites.

With the Database plugin, you define the schema. Then the plugin will take care of updating all the frontmatter of all the markdown files.

And the plugin adds CMS features like tag auto suggest, and more.

So now I can customize the CMS for my Jamstack websites to my heart's content.