HouseBloc App

June 23, 2016


A mobile app that allows users in real estate to share pictures, make comments, and track each other's activity.


A real estate agent and entrepreneur.


Sketched a few logos in Google draw because my client wants to work on branding.

Then stepped into Illustrator to make it official ;)

Designed some postcards with QR codes to help promote the app.

HouseBloc Postcards


We decided to release the app to Android and iOS users.

I helped brainstorm names.

I prototyped scenarios on paper. Some on POP app or Adobe XD.


Since I am using Cordova to develop a hybrid app, I went with jQuery mobile.

Once again, my client wanted to input on branding, so I showed him how to use jQuery’s ThemeRoller to select colors.


jQuery Mobile


Parse Server | MongoDB

Intro Website

ZURB Foundation

API Integrations

Facebook Login | GeoBytes

HouseBloc App Screenshot

HouseBloc Logo